The International Conference “Narcissus looks: egotism and alienation“ will be held in the Department of Languages and Cultures of the University of Aveiro, Portugal, on 10 and 11 October 2019.

Poster by Sofia Almeida
Poster in pdf format

This scholarly gathering follows up on a series of conferences held in the previous years:
2015: Caim e Abel: família e conflito;
2016: Exodus: migrações e fronteiras;
2017: Terra prometida: mitos de salvação;
2018: Arca de Noé: catástrofe e salvação.

This event aims at keeping up with, reinforcing and enhancing research in multidisciplinary areas such as the following ones: literature, culture, linguistics and translation, as well as how they interact with other scientific, literary, artistic and cultural domains.

Thematic areas

We welcome proposals in the following thematic areas:

-The Narcissus myth in classical literature;
-Reception of the myth of Narcissus in literature and the arts;
– Figurations of metamorphosis;
– Discourses of seduction and egotism in advertising and media;
– Egotism and alienation in cyberspace;
– Psychoanalytic interpretations of the myth;
– Echo of metafictional figures: the double, the other, the mirror;
– Religion and narcissism.

Important dates

. submission of abstracts: until 31 May 2019;
. notification to authors: until 30 June 2019;
. registration with a contribution: until 15 July 2019;
. registration without a contribution (limited): until 10 September 2019;
. conference: 10  and 11 October 2019;
. submission of the final text for publication: until 15 November 2019.

Universidade de Aveiro, 10 e 11 de outubro de 2019